Credit for the concept

This game is based on a round from the BBC gameshow, Only Connect. It exists so that people can create grids and share them for others to enjoy.


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Patrons are able to submit image grids.

"I typed the right link but you said I was wrong."

Apologies, all the grids are submitted by users. The submitters type a list of words to accept. Anticipating all the things someone could type is quite a skill and submitters are not always able to. Give yourself a pat on the back anyway – you deserved the points!

One correct solution

A good grid should only have one correct solution with the links that the setter has selected. Note that this doesn't prevent "red-herring" clues that can fall into multiple categories. The important thing is that despite these red-herrings, there is still just one full solution. Something to try to avoid is a situation where two clues can be swapped. For example, if group A is "things that can go on a pizza" and group B is "fruit" then it's fine to have "tomato" in either group. But if you put "tomato" in group A and "pineapple" in group B, then there is another solution equally valid with pineapple in group A and tomato in group B, which makes the grid problematic.